Well today I was not just insulted by who I think might be an internet troll but also spreads lies about vaccinations!

Now said person apparently lives in US but we are in UK and most members of the group this was discussed in.

She believes in urban myths about vaccines containing mercury and other heavy metal as well as pork and dead embryo cells and horse etc that list goes on.

Now all those apparent ingredients she got off an un-scientific website and some that believes you can vaccinate agains being gay, yes that kinda lunatic posting this and she believes it.

she states that she didn’t have vaccines for her children after 3 and 4 years which is most of them anyway that matter to start with due to religious reasons now asked about her religion gives that she is muslim so the pork thing comes in here.

well its not porky at all they are egg based and for people that are allergic to this there are alternatives and you would know this if you did your research or simply asked the correct question at your doctors.

Now when given this information she gets all defensive rude and abusive and all this frankly put me off the whole group when some admin agree with her when I say those ingredients are lies just as some other member did state those are lies and then goes on about but how do you know nhs tell the truth they re in it for the money, yes sure thats why they are free to us and of course get doctors get paid for giving them its a job!

she also reckoned that she was not informed that the vaccinations on the UK are not compulsory. well I was asked if I was going to have them for my babies and not told to. I was also informed that I could refuse MMR and have the injections separate but would have to pay out of my own pocket.

Now the next discussion is the autism link it is not proven and the study in question was a big fat lie!

I also got more flak for pointing out that not vaccinating has led to 2 people at least dying in the UK recently in the measles outbreak.

I also find it very suspect that someone with apparently irish, spanish, portugese, italian roots which would indicate deep catholic roots as well as her double barreled surname suggesting that is muslim, so I m not sure where that comes in. also making a joke saying maybe if jesus had a vax against jews is so out of line and they don’t get why I find her attitude offensive.

But point being I can’t stand people that think they are right and no one else is even when they clearly refer to fictitious propaganda by nut cases! and rather endanger their children’s lives.


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