Well this is about me and anyone who blogs and says otherwise is a liar, you blog you are about yourself.

Anyway I’m a Mummy of 4 a Photographer (I even have a BA certificate to prove it somewhere) a crafter (I cross stitch free hand embroider sew knit crochet (my fave at mo) make cards n other paper crafts paint sculpt if I want to I even know how to use plaster of Paris. But mostly my big love is reading.

You can learn anything if you can read you re never alone nor are you ever bored.

And most importantly you do not need to know everything just where it is written down.

Now I am also old fashioned in that I like real paper books over ebooks (only ever download those if they are free).

I am also an old fashioned Photographer and Cinema Enthusiast You guessed I like film. It’s an awesome medium and only true artists can work with it.

Any digital stuff is just “nice” but never stunning or amazing they are a dime a dozen just keep printing the same but Lith is not its an art form, also a dying art it’s my favourite if only I had the space and money I’d do nothing but Lithprints for everyone I know, they are stunning unique never repeated the same art pieces.


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