My Fluff for my littlest

My Fluff for my littlest

What I bought at the Babyshow last weekend to add to some more in the post and the 2 pooper hero poppers that arrived this morning. think we re fully stocked for a stash now, lol.


More fluff arrived.

Well today I appear to have received all the post I waited for all week. Pretty sure the postmen in Birmingham don’t work every day as we get nothing then loads.

Anyway after washing she s tonight in a cloth nappy for the first time. She wears a Little lamb osfa in purple with both mf inserts.

They are sooooooooooo soft. Other minky pocket nappies can not compare. I love how soft they are. My Alvas are still lovely and all buy the little lamb beat them hands down for softness and fit around the legs, she s rather slim and they fit amazingly well.

Anyway still dry when we went to bed and shall report back in morning.

Adding some comparison pictures for cloth nappies/diapers

I added a page today of my little girl in a minky and a PUL Alva Nappy

I also got one tots bots frugi and 2 little lamb osfas in the post also got a bamboo pocket think they re Alvas too now finished washing a cillion times as it seems.

So far I tried php (perfectly happy people liners) they re not that great feel like I wasted my money. Also just got my tots bots liners and even in pack they feel much softer already.

I would however not flush them I nappy bag and bin them. The wee ones I collect over the day in a single bag.

Now my thought is if I don’t get on with disposable liners I might try fleece ones I got done pink I never did anything with that would make rather a lot of them.


Cloth bumming the beginning

well the alvas are so far quite good cloth nappies, and soo pretty.

my littlest doesn’t seem to mind that difference.

we are starting slow with night-time still using up my stash of huggies.

and I shall try and put a piccie of her pretty garments on soon, but here is one of her in her favourite seat nibbling away at a breakfast biscuit we shared.

PS: she s wearing a pretty pink owls nappy

favourite seat in the house


favourite seat in the house

Real Nappy Week

well after having come across Real Nappy Week, last week I have invested in quite a few Pocket, one size fits all or birth to potty nappies. now most of them have arrived an are the budget version but sooo pretty, and pretty good too. I’m still waiting on the more expensive ones. Shall review and compare once they have all arrived.