Pictures of Real or Cloth Nappies/Diapers

Well I thought I add. Few pictures if my Cloth Nappies.

So far I have mostly Alvas my little girl doesn’t seem to mind them
At all.
The PUL and the Minky appear to be equally good.

The white with birds is a minky and the Spider-Man one PUL.



The lovely thing about Alvas is the large choice of colour and patterns as well as being very affordable for around £4-5.50 usually yes that is new.

You could save even more if you bought direct from China but then you got the time scale customs and not necessarily availability.

Anyhoo we like them.

On to trying Little Lamb osfas. She s wearing them tonight with both mf boosters that came with it and a fleece liner so far she s still bone dry inside and out when I checked if she needed changing that is after about 3 hours on it.

And they are sooooo soft inside I’m considering trading my pretty stash in for just purple and maybe pink and they do it in aqua too but that’s it those 3 colours. But as I said amazingly soft. The fit around legs is awesome though.

Just to update on the osfas Little Lamb will soon be releasing a new version with bamboo boosters in all the colours they do the wraps in.


below we have a close up of a little lamb fleece liner

now they are sooooo soft, however have rather long fibres and so would be rather hard to clean after a no. 2 so we use them with a disposable tots bots liner on top


this one is a bunch of liners I made myself from a large piece of fleece I bought for making pinafores for my girls, just basic fleece is great for wicking wet away from little bottoms


and the following serious shows little lambs fitted bamboos how they go on she s wearing a size 2 with plenty of room at the moment so think they ll last us.

I find it easier to put the nappy on first then the wrap over the top. I also added close up of the leg fitting which is what makes this “bombproof”

IMG_3723 IMG_3724 IMG_3726

this one is a fitted apple cheeks nappy in size 2 you can get with one of their triple folding bamboo booster.

this nappy is sooo soft and the envelope opening for the inserts means you don’t need to pull the boosters out they come out by themselves in the machine.

these are a good fit on skinny legged and waist children.

You could also use this as a wrap over a little lamb fitted which is what the photo shows.


Now as we love mixing and matching we like to use a close parent night time booster on our little lamb fitted nappies good fit as you can see and works a treat

these booster are definitely worth having as they dry quick as they fold in 3 as shown so kinda wrap round inserts of kinds and do up with poppers which helps them keep in place.


this nappy balm stick was a freebie at the baby show with a goody bag we got with our pop in we bought

a lot of people swear by it as it is handy and cloth nappy save with or without disposable liner

we are still not sure on this as I can’t tolerate tea tree so we are just trying this too see if it works on my little girl or if she is as sensitive to as I am.


Now these I ordered of ebay from China they are called Coolababy and this is a charcoal fleece nappy.

I purchased this to try it after I found a lot of Americans seem to rate these as a cheap but very practical nappy

I like this nappy and so far works quite well for us.

it also has a double gusset as I tried to show, one is on the inside and then the normal outside one

this nappy does come up larger then other one size fits all and has an extra row of buttons and the velcro on waist is also pretty good and well fitting

only down side is really that there are no laundry tabs so you need to do them up to wash and the pocket opening on the back is very large so I can’t decide wether that is a pro or a con yet as it appears the inserts come out on their own because of that so no dirty fingers pulling them out.

IMG_3759 IMG_3758


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