Real Nappyweek and Babyshow

Ah it has just been Real Nappy week. The last of my purchases arrived now. Turns out I have way more cloth nappies one 2 year old needs, lol. Also bought some training pants in preparation of potty training also little miss only sits on it with her nappy on.

I also made myself a Facebook group called TotsBots Appreciation Society. So if you love your totsbots nappies/diapers swing by post some otb shots or on the line also welcome to sell and swap spread the word.



baby is growing up but babywearing keeping her my tiny squirt.

well I haven’t been on here in a while, so thought I should pop back today while having a little break from my monumental jumper I am making for the other half (extra long and xl) we are still using cloth, in fact I have just received a cute purple and teal owls nappy all ready for halloween, lol.

Anyhoo, my baby is getting big, sniff can’t believe how time flies she s walking a few steps unaided now, it feels like yesterday that she was born. due to almost no hair that is only just sprouting she still looks like my baby tho, my tiny squirt. wish they would stay tiny forever, sigh.

but we have taken to baby wearing in spring and man do I love it at this time of year my baby is not just lovely and close to me but she also keeps me toasty and warm while on my back.Image